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Beth Karberg, MS CPM LM

Beth was one of the first midwives in Colorado to complete the Certified Professional Midwife credential and has attended well over 500 planned home births, mentored ten student midwives, and served on the initial Wyoming Board of Midwifery.  Her approach to a healthy pregnancy includes lots of education, compassionate support, and using holistic interventions when needed.  Her experiences of giving birth to her two daughters convinced her of the need to provide more options to support the natural physiologic process of birth and a gentle welcome for newborns that wasn't happening in a hospital setting.  She left her engineering career to begin her midwifery journey and has followed this passion ever since.  

Beth returned to the Midwest in 2021 to be near her elderly parents after many years in Colorado. She enjoys the rain and trees, but misses the friends and mountains that she left behind.  She is excited to bring her midwifery skills to the service of birthing families in Southern Wisconsin.  

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